Locs Bewerken Locs Database

Locomotives database


Editing the database and use the test functions is by choosing in the main screen Bestand->Locomotieven->Bewerken


The database is an easy build, and the screen is composed of:

  • [1] the database records (read only)
  • [2] the editable fields
  • [3] a test zone

The first 6 fields are important for screen display and for automatically driving, the other, as well as the picture, are informative.

1. Details

Field details are:

  • Locomotive number
  • Minimal speed: value at which the loc starts running, and is 1% on the speed bar.
  • Maximal speed: value at which the loc is at its maximum speed and is relative to all others, and is 100% on the speed bar.
  • Step: this is the acceleration / deceleration-time, in order to be able to make smooth movement with older decoders.
  • Active: determines whether the loc is on the screen at the start of the program.
  • Length: defined "short" for a loc to stop early at a signal (ie platform), "normal", or "long" as if a train extends in two blocks.

2. Edit details

In this area data can be modify, as well as set the functions. The functions can be specified as a symbolic name.
The program keeps up to what goes where, so one must enter a symbolic name only once.
Although an extension of 16 functions is provided, there are only 8 used, ie 4 to the selected decoder and 4 on the following decoder.

3. Test zone

In order to test the possible minimum and maximum speed with a simple (wireless) keyboard, there can be driven with a locomotive by pressing the "Key" button. When selecting the locomotive, the lights will be switched on.
With [S]lower and [F]aster, the m[I]nimal or m[A]maximum speeds are controlled. With Space [ ] the locomotive stops.
The check marks for "contact" and "block" can be activated, then also the number of contact and block, where the locomotive moves, are shown.