Speedbar Het Keyboard De Verlichting Kontakten melder Blokken melder Kraan Control Rangeer Control Goliath Control Wagonverlichting

The program... manual ride

The locomotive

The control for locomotives, the number displayed on the screen is defined in the database consists of 7 parts. The first three are indications for automatic drive, respectively block and signal number, and the state of the corresponding signal.
The Large button will set the locomotive lighting (bright symbol) or off (dark symbol), is also the direction indicated (yellow forward, red backward).
The adjacent four smaller buttons control the basic functions F1 .. F4.
The speed bar can be clicked at any value, which is then translated to 0-100% between minimum and maximum speed as specified in the database. If the speed bar shows red then the train stops, green is accelerating, slowing down is yellow. Double-click to stop the train and toggle the direction.

The keyboard

The keyboard has the same function as its hardware counterpart. Pressing the buttons changes the turnouts or signals, also remembers the last state, and displayed in bright color. In difference to the hardware component holding down a button does not work, only a change will be passed on to the interface.

The lighting

This keyboard has identical layout as for turnouts and signals, but each button operates a lighting decoder, which can be switched on or off, bright symbol is on, dark off.

The feedback

The feedback for the contacts comes from an S88 or equivalent circuit, and has only two states, being "open" (green) or "closed" (red).

The feedback for the blocks has more states, a current measurement determined the limits having a block "free" (green), with a load .. train, wagon, crane ... "occupied" (yellow), a sudden power rise "pulse" (orange) or "short-circuit" (red) shown by a derailed train or wagons.

The other controls

  • The crane control

    the crane can move up and down by making use of the corresponding green arrows, as well as turning left and right. to stop use the red buttons between the arrows. The lighting and magnet are controlled by the large knob to toggle.
  • Shunting plateau

    for both the turntable and the shunting table there are a set of buttons for the corresponding directions. Since both run up to the next position and then stop is no stop button required.
  • Goliath

    The Goliath crane can be operated in a simple manner by 3 buttons and a slider.
    By pressing the wanted button, an arrow will indicate the direction, the speed of the action can be changed using the slider. Pushing the same button will reverse direction and pressing another button will stop the action and put the slider back to zero.
  • Wagon lighting

    the wagon lighting (address 80) can be turned on and off by the toggle button.
    The button shows a sun when "on".