Decoders Dual Stop Decoder Kraan Kraan Lichtpaal Decoder Licht

Under the table

The Decoders

Two decoders, to serve 8 switches, mounted and equipped with power supply and 1.5mm² power wire, to limit losses.

The Dual Stop pcb

This pcb has 2 contacts connected within the same block, for a short or long stop depending the length of the train. The exit is connected to a S88.

The Crane

To operate the crane, two motors are used in two directions. These motors have a "ground reference" and thus are not directly controllable by a decoder.
There are two "switches" needed per motor direction, namely "ON" and "DIRECTION". The direction can be "UP" or "DOWN" for the first motor and "CCW" or "CLOCKWISE" for the other. the software provides the necessary signals to the decoders, while a simple hardware AND gate followed by a solid state relay direct it to the right "switch".

The Illumination

Illumination also ​​uses a decoder followed by 8 solid state relays.