Hallo Het Programma

The program... An overview

In addition to the graphical interface the program consists of:

  • A zone for manual control comprising
    • keyboards for the switches
    • keyboards for the lighting
    • keyboards (memory) to set sections
    • the control of the locomotives
    • a crane or device with similar control
    • a shunting station turntable
    • a shunting table
    • a mobile crane, Goliath
    • a button for general indoor lighting (address 80)
    • buttons for automatic driving, and PANIC stop
  • A zone that provides an overview of the state of the blocks and contacts
  • The menu and its settings
  • The module for automatic drive with following features
    • The trains run from signal to signal
    • run as many trains as possible the same time, in a random pattern
    • special trains take special "sections"
    • detecting loss of wagons and holding off those blocks
    • starting special (sound) functions where possible
    • at program startup (eg cabin lights, diesel engine)
    • when entering a block (eg horn at a station)
    • at the departure on a signal (eg platform communication)