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Sections database

Editing the database is by choosing the main screen



The dections database is a collection of connected blocks. A set of dections is a circuit.
In the zone [1], one can select a track, delete, or create a new one. The accompanying statement is shown in [4].
A section consists of several fields:

  • Van (from): the block of departure, to configure in [2] left.
  • Naar (to): the block of destination, to configure in [2] right.
  • Special : whether this dections may or may not be taken by special trains (eg Goliath only in inner curves can).
  • Wissel 1..9 (turnouts): the switches that are needed to make the dection, to configure in [3].

This information is used back in creating the dections.

How does it work

First and foremost, it is important that the locomotives have a way out, this means that all dections connected must make a loop.
If we assume that the trains drives clockwise, in order to make the outer loop in the layout, the following data must then be entered in the database:

  • From 1 To 4 W4 Red (bend)
  • From 4 To 11 W6 Red (bend)
  • From 11 To 13 no switches
  • From 13 To 14 no switches
  • From 14 To 1 W1 Red (bend)

So all combinations can be done,
eg. departure of block 1, 2, 3, ..:

  • From 1 To 5 W4 Green (straight)
  • From 2 To 4 W3 Green (straight) W4 Green (straight)
  • From 2 To 5 W3 Green (straight) W4 Red (bend)
  • From 3 To 4 W3 Red (bend) W4 Green (straight)
  • From 2 To 5 W3 Red (bend) W4 Red (bend)
  • ...
  • ...