Verlichting Verlichting 2

The lighting

With the lighting is chosen for simplicity in both electronics and ease of use.

To use the lighting on track power as well as the 16V~ a current source is used with enough surplus to obtain flicker-free lighting

The lighting consists of 4 high-brilliance LEDs mounted on a to be shortened strip, which then enables it to place the LEDs separately with wire connection

If light are used somewhere like car assembly, and it requires less than 4 LEDs, then the pcb can be shortened and should be terminated with a solder made bridge.

Wagon lighting

Now that we have DCC, we have used it to make some miniature PCB that can control the light in the wagons.
There are 2 functions possible, such as turning on a fluorescent lamp or gently fade in / out.

The module (2) is a double-sided printed SMD board and can be programmed via a general address (broadcast).
This operates on rail power and can directly control a resistor-protected LED or the previously mentioned strips with current source. The circuit works by having the processor grounding an output pin. This requires that 2 wires must be passed each time.

To avoid this, a solid state relay board has been made (1) that can be connected to the module in "piggy back".
The advantage is an optical separation and the need to pass only 1 wire (via couplings).
Every wagon does need a ground wire, which can be easily attached to the wheels.