About us ...


ewLok stands for Erik and Walter, once came together through our work, and with the same passion for miniature trains.
It will come as no surprise that we are already working with them for a quarter of a century.

The program that has once existed under DOS, with limited graphics capabilities, was already equipped with features such as the feedback signals to detect locomotives.

The electronics still large with only discrete components, was becoming inadequate to operate the varieties of digital locomotives.

In recent years we made our pcb's in a more professional way, this made the heart of the system smaller and smarter by microprocessors and custom features. The entrance of fast PCs also allowed to expand so that every conceivable function could be achieved.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can reach us by mail walter@eos-electronics.be .
We do answer ASAP, and for those who live close by and like to see it "live", we are located in the outskirts of Brussels. An appointment is quickly made.